Our heritage

Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Oriental, mixed race or other; recent DNA and fossilised skulls found in Africa indicates that all humans living today comes from a population that emerged from Africa within the last 200,000 years. This mighty continent supports a massive number of different life forms, and it has rich deposits of metals and minerals that are vital for our present technological society. The African people belong to several racial groups that are divided into more than 800 ethnic groups, each with its own language, religion and way of life. Coming from such diverse groups have helped the people of Africa to survive, integrate and excel in their move and settlement all over the world. The move out of Africa experience can be attributed to:

  • Forced Migration due to (devastation by nature, the

economics of Slavery; and Wars emanating from crave for power and domination; and differences in culture, religion and ideologies)

  • Voluntary migration due to (scarce resources, over population, and a quest for more or better opportunities)

The people of Africa have made significant contributions to the evolution and development of cultures that are now enjoyed in Great Britain and other parts of the world today.